Car Free Day: Come Rain or Shine

June 16, 2014

As I walked up to the Drive at about noon yesterday, the heavens opened and within seconds — before I could get my umbrella up — I was soaked by a torrential downpour which last ed a half hour or more.  This was the very first time I can remember Car Free Day on the Drive being disturbed by bad weather.

OCOP in rainWhen I got to the point just north First and Commercial where the two booths I had volunteered for were set up, the folks already there were having a heck of a time just surviving the drenching.  Here are some OCOP volunteers at the height of the storm.

Luckily both booths had plastic roofs, so there was a few square feet of dry space to huddle under.

In the end, of course, the rain stopped (more or less) and a decent crowd came out to welcome the patchy sunshine.  There is a picture of the Heritage Group booth on their page, and hopefully OCOP will publish some images later.

With the weather not cooperating, it is hard to make a direct comparison between Car Free Day yesterday and Italian Day last week.  To me, Car Free Day on the Drive always seems more relaxed, friendly, than the corporate-oriented Italian Day.  I’m glad we have both, but I wish they were separated by more than one week.