Time To Stand Up And Declare!

May 15, 2014

This editorial from the Vancouver Sun is far too soft on Vision’s record, but it couldn’t be more right when it calls for mayoral candidates to stand up and be counted.

Democracy requires opposition, and voters will benefit from having different candidates outline competing visions for the rapid development taking place in this city.  Municipal campaigns need to be especially compelling to improve traditionally low voter turnouts. So, where are the competitors?

There is far too much opposition out there — COPE, OneCity, TEAM, NSV, NPA, Cedar, Vancouver First — along with too much timidity and not enough Opposition.

I exclude the Greens from the last list because they at least have candidates in the field, and Adriane Carr fights the good fight at Council on a regular basis (including this very day) against Vision’s disdainful and downright disrespectful politicking.  But even from them there is a certain level of disappointment in running so few candidates, not enough by themselves to stop another Vision majority.

No good waiting until September to announce a candidate, as some have suggested. Vision already has the profile.  Whoever runs against Robertson needs to get their show on the road now.