Observing the Situation in Grandview

May 12, 2014

About a month or so ago, I gave a long interview to Jordan Yerman of the Vancouver Observer.  We discussed the Grandview-Woodland Community Plan at length.

I had not noticed that it had been published, but finally here it is now.

“King said, “Finally we got off our asses and said, ‘We need to get on with this.’ We’re not scared of change here. Our issue is always been that we want to have a strong influence in how that change is achieved. And if the city planners aren’t gonna do it, then we’ll do it ourselves.”

Your comments are always welcome.

By the way, I notice the Observer still calls me President of GWAC which is, of course, not the case.  I am the former President. However, it is hard to blame the media for such an error when they are  not notified of changes to Association officers.