Water’s Edge

May 7, 2014

Beach_Waters Edge

Water’s Edge” (October 4-6, 2008), acrylics, plastic shoe, on canvas, 18” x 36”

Yet Another Lawsuit — It’s The Vision Way

May 7, 2014

The Community Association of New Yaletown (CANY), a member of the Community of Vancouver Neighbourhoods, today filed a legal petition at BC Supreme Court to “prevent the development on the downtown city block containing Emery Barnes Park of what could become the densest residential building in Vancouver.”

The allegations and declared facts of this particular case can be found in CANY’s release and they are the best defenders of their position.  For me, this is yet another example of Vision’s mis-management style:  do whatever you want now and spend taxpayers’ money getting beat in court later.


Marijuana Vending Machine

May 7, 2014

In another for the Drive’s list of historic firsts, we are now home to Canada’s first and only cash vending machine for marijuana.

dope machine

According to the Global News story:

“We put it in the vending machine to cut down on theft and handling,” says Chuck Varabioff of the BC Pain Society, located at 2908 Commercial Drive. “It’s packaged up and sealed professionally. So you come in, you buy your product, it’s fresh, it’s quick and easy, and you’re out here in minutes.”  The machine holds a variety of types of weed in amounts over an eighth of an ounce, and only takes cash. The society requires users to have a card that they only give out after reviewing a doctor’s form that certifies they need marijuana. Varabioff says feedback from members has been “incredible” since they installed the machine three weeks ago.

Sounds like the perfect Drive enterprise.