Vancouver Greens Begin Nominations

At a news conference at City Hall this morning, the Vancouver Green Party announced three nominees to run as candidates with Adriane Carr in the municipal election in November.  The will likely be unopposed at the Party’s nomination meeting in May.

The three newcomers are Cleta Brown, daughter of the iconic Rosemary Brown, Pete Fry, son of Vancouver Liberal MP Hedy Fry, and Tracey Moir, founder of the Oakridge-Langara Area Residents group.

I have spent many months working quite closely with Pete and Tracey, both of whom have been very active members of the Coalition of Vancouver Neighbourhoods.  They are passionate and articulate spokespeople for their communities and they are darned fine people all around.  I am not a member of the Greens, or any party, but if you want some folks who have the wherewithal to shake up City Hall, you could look for a long time before finding better people than these.

One Response to Vancouver Greens Begin Nominations

  1. DDB says:

    I couldn’t agree more. They are diligent and dedicated students of city planning policy; they have studied the issues, work hard to represent their fellow residents’ and have proved to be articulate and quick to grasp consequences of issues.

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