Changes On The Drive #31

March 3, 2014

By the time I finished a meeting at Britannia at lunchtime today, the rain had finally stopped; and it kept off for the time  needed to walk the Drive and back again.  Thanks goodness (it is a real bugger to be carrying an open umbrella, a notepad and pencil, and a camera all at the same time)!

The walk along Commercial from Broadway to First Avenue showed no changes at all from last month that I noticed, and very few in the blocks north of First.  1344 and 1268 Commercial are still vacant, as are the old sites of the Little Nest and the Flower Box on Charles Street.

The old Florida store at 1102 Commercial is now not only vacant but the deal for a restaurant appears to have fallen through because the “For Lease” signs are back up.  It would be good if the owners could clean up the front a bit, take down the posters and graffiti, make it look a little less derelict.  Perhaps they have given up on it and are encouraging its demolition.  That’ll cause a fuss if true.

The Stanley Nails Bar is finally open at 1181, while the Royal Candy Store at 1250 is still “temporarily” closed.

The Dime bar and restaurant at 1545 Commercial is closed for much of this month as a penalty for selling booze to an underage customer.  This was their second offence apparently and they got a twenty-day suspension (ouch!).


That was it for the month.  The Drive seems to be stable these days.

Community Food Market

March 3, 2014

The Grandview Food Connection organization at Britannia is starting a Community Food Market at Grandview Park every Saturday.  Their release says:

“A variety of fresh and delicious foods will be available every Saturday from 10 to 2 pm. One of the booths at the market, called “Eat it Forward” will sell fresh organic produce, but with a big twist. As a non-profit booth, for every $1 bought at the booth, $1 will be given away in discount programs to those in the neighbourhood struggling with food security, either at 40% off or 80% off retail prices. Come have some fun, chat with your neighbours, and enjoy some interesting and nutritious foods while supporting a great cause.”

Sounds like a great idea!