Catching Up Post

Yesterday afternoon I spent a long time in a formal interview with the sociology student I met at the beginning of the month. We covered a lot of ground and I was impressed with his knowledge and industry.  We covered some of the material from my book, but he also obliged me to compose a lot of my thoughts on the Drive in the 1970s, 80s and 90s that I am still researching in prep for the next book.  A very useful exercise for both of us, I believe.  He is currently waiting to hear back from the graduate schools he has applied to.  I hope he gets what he wants.

Last night, I thoroughly enjoyed the latest meeting of the Grandview Heritage Group. No contention, no egos, just useful and interesting discussions with intelligent people.  More of that, please.

Finally, in the catch up category, I received my new passport in the mail today.  That was just seven working days since I made the application.  Well done Canada!

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