Cloud Atlas — Again

February 14, 2014


You might recall my review of the novel Cloud Atlas.  I believe I mentioned then that I had the movie in my PVR queue.  Well, this afternoon I decided was the time to watch it.

The film lasts almost three hours, but after eighty minutes I just gave up on it.  It was way too confusing for my little brain (and I’ve read the book, remember), with all the “clever” cuts between the stories.  In the final fifteen minutes that I watched, I realized that all I was doing was trying to pick out who was playing who in each sequence.  Even the production design (especially in the SOMNI-451 sequences) was well below my expectations given modern CGI capabilities.

It may have turned into a major epic in the second half, I guess; but after a little over an hour I was too brain-fried to care. Very disappointing.

POTD #10

February 14, 2014

Before You

before you,

my life was a small boxed void,

an empty compartment,

a sheathful of diaries

of blank pages.

before you

dribbled your musty desire

on my old blank canvas,

I reckoned darkness to be

life’s true color.

before you

laid your absurdist ambush,

my most intricate thought

involved the just getting through

of one more day

before you

there was silence in my heart,

the thrashing of voiceless choirs,

now drowned by the chorus

of your love song.

before you:

a desert circumscribed.

Now, in most glorious

complication, I shed tears

of joyful rain

before you.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

February 14, 2014