Olympic Corruption and the CBC


I have never been keen on the Olympic movement, especially in the last couple of decades when it has become nothing but a corrupt money-producing extravaganza paid for by taxpayers and consumers alike.  I would much prefer to promote each sport’s world championship; events that focus on the athletes and can be staged by almost any city without bankruptcy.

There are many problems with the Sochi Games, the not least of which are human rights violations, workers’ rights issues, and the mind-blowing scale of corruption that means that these Games will cost more than all other Winter Games in history — combined! But Blayne Haggart, assistant professor of political science at Brock, has brought our attention to the damage these Games have done to the CBC brand.

As the official Canadian broadcaster of the Sochi Games, the CBC agreed to stop streaming all of its Radio 1 programming outside of Canada. All of it – not just its live Olympics coverage. Anyone outside the country (including Canadian expats) who tunes in hears the following:

“Between February 6th and 23rd, CBC Radio 1 live streams will only be available to Canadian audiences due to Olympic rights restrictions. However, our listeners outside Canada can still hear the favourite shows on demand by visiting cbc.ca/radio, or by downloading the CBC Radio app and following the links to their favourite programs.”

The CBC is being a bit misleading in that last sentence. Because their newscasts contain reports about the Olympics, they’ve stopped producing news podcasts for the duration of the games.

Let that sink in for a moment. The CBC has effectively turned over decisions about how its news and entire Radio 1 network will be distributed to the International Olympic Committee, which controls the rights to the Olympics.

That is simply appalling.

One Response to Olympic Corruption and the CBC

  1. Geoffrey Pounder says:

    Count on CBC to tune out complaints.
    It is intolerable that the IOC should be able to dictate to the CBC whether radio news podcasts are available to Canadians.
    Some Canadians are unable to listen to the six o’clock news and depend upon podcasts to stay informed. That is the rationale for having podcasts in the first place.
    The fundamental problem is that the Olympics are sports, not news. Sports is not news. Apparently, CBC can’t tell the difference.
    As Noam Chomsky has written, sports is a diversion from the life-and-death issues that really matter. Not all Canadians are interested in Olympics. CBC’s force-feeding of Olympic coverage is offensive.

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