Fast, Efficient Feds

canada-passportOK, OK, credit where credit is due.   I went to renew my Canadian passport this morning down at Sinclair Centre.  Got there about 10:00am and the waiting room was pretty full. Thank goodness I bought a book, I said to myself.

But I was in the reception queue for no more than five minutes, and then waited just forty minutes to see an agent.  During that forty minutes another 140+ people came into reception, but the room never became crowded as those already waiting were dealt with.  At the agent’s desk, I was in and out in just five minutes and I’ll have my new passport in a couple of weeks.  That’s pretty darned efficient, I think.

I came back to the Drive and went to my usual pharmacy for a prescription refill.  It was essentially empty, but I still had to wait forty minutes because the pharmacist on duty was more interested in fixing his Telus bill on the phone than he was in pushing my order through.

The Feds win this particular comparison hands down.


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