Engaged City Task Force

February 7, 2014

I have written and circulated a critique of the process by which the Report of the Mayor’s Engaged City Task Force was undertaken.  My main concern was the lack of contact with neighbourhood associations — the groups that engage with the City on a regular basis.

The release can be found at the GW Activist site.


Is Eco-Density Ecologically Sound?

February 7, 2014

There will be what should prove to be a very interesting debate taking place at Britannia at 7:00pm on Tuesday 18th February regarding the ecological “benefits” of high-rise densification.  The organizers write:

“One of the central pillars of planning for ecological sustainability in a metropolitan environment has become increased urban density. In Vancouver, the potential ecological benefits of higher density has become a key justification for many new condo developments. However, the unintended consequences of increased density have the potential to dramatically scale up an urban region’s ecological footprint.

Please join us for a panel discussion on this interesting and nuanced debate. Are Downtown Vancouver and Manhattan the template for a sustainable future? Or are higher towers doing little more than letting us live closer to an atmosphere filled with increasing amounts of CO2?

They have arranged for two very competent debaters:  UBC Professor Patrick  Condon, and Richard Wozny, a senior consultant to developers and all levels of government.

Mark it on your calendar!


February 7, 2014



There’s crystal icecubes bouncing out the doors

of good modern refrigerators.

Not in mine.  My icecubes are placid little squares

in the centers of off-white unwashed plastic trays,

grey pools shrinking from the sides

as if the tone of temperature was wrong

or as if they were afraid to take up

the space;  grey pools just as far removed

from the mythical Iceberg as February Minneapolis

is from August Havana.  It seems my icecubes took

a different evolutionary path, forsaking

the satin of perfection for the hushpuppy

suede of the everyday.