Developers To Decide “Affordability”

You might recall that Vision’s majority decided that $1,450/month was an “affordable” price for a tiny studio apartment.

In response to West End Neighbours (WEN) lawsuit against Vancouver City Council’s Rental100 program of giveaways to developers, the City changed the By-Law just slightly — to give developers even more say in what constitutes “affordable”.  This bizarre event has caused WEN to push forward with their lawsuit, which I cover in more detail elsewhere.

As WEN Director, Virginia Richards said, “The City isn’t helping renters. It’s helping developers. “Affordable rental housing” is basically whatever City staff and developers say it is.”

2 Responses to Developers To Decide “Affordability”

  1. Keith says:

    Jak, the median family income in Vancouver is 67,000 (stats canada 2010). The individual median income would be considerably less, and these numbers should be the basis of what constitutes affordable housing. “Affordable housing is what you can afford,” based on your income.

    • jakking says:

      Couldn’t agree with you more. I think we should standardize on the CHMC 30% of income figure for “affordable” and the HIL Shelter rate for “low income”. The City’s preposterous figures are, of course, way above either of these.

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