New Year’s Parade

February 2, 2014

We spent most of the day down in Chinatown; it was great fun.  We watched the entire parade from one end to another, shook a lot of hands that I knew, and earned a bag full of red envelopes.  We then went to Hon’s where we took our place in a line that wound its way past the hanging ducks and right through the dim sum store. After a fine lunch, we finally came home.  A good day out together.




Changes On The Drive #30

February 2, 2014

It was another lovely day to stroll the Drive yesterday; clean, brisk air to shoo away the cobwebs from too many meetings!  But, and perhaps this is a good thing, there isn’t a great day of change to report, with one major exception which I’ll get to at the end.

The old Far East Building that takes up moist of the 2200-block on the east side is getting closer to completion.

East Asia

They are starting to pre-sell, with small studios going for the mid $300,000s.

The vacancies are much the same as last month: 1344 and 1268 Commercial are still empty, while the old Florida Market at 1102 is still being worked on.  The storefront at 1183 has still not opened as Stanley Nails Spa but they do, at least, have a brand new awning in place.

At 1250 Commercial, the Royal Candy confectionery store is currently “closed for personal reasons for the next few weeks.”

And that reminds us of the biggest change this month — the loss of Patricia Salmond of the Urban Empire store that we reported earlier.  The future of the store is still up in the air; I’m told there is an interested buyer but, of course, the property is caught up in probate so nothing can be settled quickly.  Ms. Salmond’s daughters have decided to open the store on weekends and we can be glad to know that their mother had already purchased cards and kitsch suitable Valentine’s Day.  I believe a memorial is being planned for April.  [Many thanks to Trish for keeping me in touch with this story].

Not wanting to end on a sad note, I want to give a shout out to the wonderful produce stores we have on the Drive who keep us colourful with fruits and veg all year round.  Orange seemed to be colour this weekend.


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February 2, 2014

Alphabetizing Two Worlds

It was easy to place History before Politics,

Medicine before Physicians; and

“Snow Fell on Cedars”

had to come after

“Escape From Alcatraz”.

But how was he to choose

Literature over Culture

or Astronomy over Alchemy?

And Asimov could go anywhere,

With his reflections about water

On the half-moons of Venus.

With bookcases brushing the ceilings,

And more volumes stacked halfway up walls,

melding the books, shuffling the pages,

was turning out to be the hardest part

of moving in together.

Amid the piles of unsorted memoirs he halted,

His unpacking abandoned.

He remembered the dancing, the dinners,

The walking.

It was easy to place Love before Duty.