The Scene at 6th & Commercial

JJ Bean

I am a member of a number of neighbourhood email groups and recently one of them has been alive with discussions about what is or isn’t happening in the back patio/parking lot of JJ Bean Coffee Shop at 6th & Commercial, and around the Post Office building across the street. About half the folks posting say there is a problem with aggressive behaviour and, perhaps, drugs, while the other half are saying they don’t see a problem and a laissez-faire rapprochement is the best solution.

This is highly reminiscent of the public meeting we had last month about Victoria Park.

In view of the concerns expressed and the obvious differences of opinion, Community Policing Constable Mike Lemon has organized a meeting to discuss these issues. It will take place at 6:30pm on Wednesday 19th February at the Britannia Learning Centre under the south side of the Library.  The City, JJ Bean, and the Post Office have been invited to attend.

All residents are welcome.

One Response to The Scene at 6th & Commercial

  1. Penny Street says:

    There used to be three large rocks on the boulevard across 6th from J.J. Bean, and the City just moved them this week — to the Greenway at Napier Square. I gather that folks were congregating at the rocks. Will the situation change, now that the rocks have been removed? There have, over the years, been factions that lobbied for the removal of benches from the Napier Square Greenway because unsavoury people were congregating there; Britannia Neighbours, who look after the Greenway, have always resisted bench-removal as a way of solving park issues. The more pleasant/upbeat/law-abiding bench-sitting behaviour you have, the less unsavoury.

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