Voices From Grandview-Woodland

During the City of Vancouver’s 125th birthday celebrations in 2011, the Under One Umbrella Society published a wonderful book called “Voices From Grandview-Woodland“. It consists of 125 pages of personal stories of growing up in the neighbourhood by residents of GW and a few pieces from historians such as Bruce Macdonald and me.  For anyone interested in the recent history of GW, this is a great source of family and anecdotal information.

The Under One Umbrella Society published this as a fundraiser for their really worthy organization. They still have about 100 copies left for sale and I hope they can sell them out.  The available copies are now for sale at the Community Policing Office, 1977 Commercial Drive.  The price is a very reasonable $20 or $15 a copy if you buy more than 5 copies.

2 Responses to Voices From Grandview-Woodland

  1. Tony says:

    Any chance of online sale?

  2. jakking says:

    Hi there. I’m afraid I am not involved in the sale, but would suggest you contact Damian Murphy at Under One Umbrella to see what he can do.

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