The Death of A Great Voice

January 3, 2014

It was sad today to hear that Phil Everly had died.  He and his brother were part of the sound in which my early puberty was immersed.  They defined harmony singing — at least until the Beach Boys came along. I loved their hair, their lyrics, their twang.

This clip is from the 1960 tour of Britain, which was possibly the first time I had heard them.  The back up band, by the way, is Buddy Holly’s Crickets.

Changes On The Drive #29

January 3, 2014

I was going to take my monthly walk yesterday but, having resolved to give up fully clothed swimming this year, I gave it a miss;  and I was generously rewarded by a walk in the most marvelous cool and sunny winter’s day today.

Very little to report this month, with essentially no changes.

2277, 1344, and 1264 Commercial are still vacant with no obvious takers, but they are the only ones; while 1102 (the old Florida Grocery) is having work done on it both upstairs and down, and 1187 is still not open as the Stanley Nails Spa.

The only other things I can mention are that the Tangent Cafe is closing for a few days next week to renovate the interior, and the Little Nest on Charles is closing, finally, in the middle of the month.

And that’s it.  Perhaps the Drive has reached a stable point, or maybe mid-winter just isn’t the time to be moving.


January 3, 2014


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Wise Words

January 3, 2014

Is there life