End of Year Dim Summary

December 29, 2013

Wow!  I am so full I can hardly breathe — but loving it.  It is hard to imagine that the Western Lake can continue to improve its already lofty standards, but it does, every time.

As I lie here, flat on my back and belly straining for the ceiling, my mind reviews the two dozen or so times we’ve been to the Lake this year and I cannot find a fault with their food or service.  Yes, you may have to wait a half-hour or more for a table, sometimes in the driving rain; but you know why you are doing it, because the reward is so worthwhile and tangible: the finest tastes, fresh and steaming, served with multiple sauces and a variety of teas; and all at a bewilderingly low price.

One of the joys of the New Year is knowing I can go back another couple of dozen times in 2014 and never be disappointed.  Bravo!


Sky Meld

December 29, 2013

sky meld