The Feasting Days

Christmas season, in the West at least, has become synonymous with food, and that sure has been the case in our household (though truth be told, we never go short in the eating department).

Monday night, with all the buying and wrapping done and out of the way, we splurged on sushi, sashimi. ika karaage, ebi sunomono, gomae, and tempura vegetables.  A treat.

On Christmas Eve, we started the day with egg on beans on toast, with sausage and bacon.  That could probably have been enough but, after a small sandwich for lunch, I cooked an apricot-glazed pork loin, with glazed carrots, Yorkshire pudding, and gravy.  That was darned good.  And then we sated ourselves with small squares of turkish delight with pistachios.  Mmmmm mmmm.

Christmas Day we started with another large cooked breakfast.  In the evening we did the turkey business though, having purchased a turkey way too big for us, we had it cut in half and shared it with a friend. The ever-loving did a wonderful job of cooking the bird, along with mashed potatoes, gravy, cranberry sauce, peas, brussels sprouts (so big they needed their own postal code), and another fresh-made batch of my Yorkshire puddings.  Delicious and, of course, way too much.

Toast was all we could manage for breakfast today. However, while out shopping for milk and potatoes at lunchtime, I managed to squeeze in a Tim Horton’s Extreme Italian sandwich and hot chocolate.  Tonight I am making a chicken curry with rice and cucumber yoghurt.  I’m looking forward to that.

Tomorrow or Saturday it has to be dim sum at the Western Lake. The other day has to include bubble-and-squeak for breakfast with the leftover mashed potatoes and brussels. Probably beans, too.

Then, as we slowly build up to the New Year, I will gradually expand further and further until I burst at the seams!



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