Tonight’s Sunset

December 16, 2013

sunset 131216_web

Looking west from Adanac Hill.


Heritage Demolition By Neglect

December 16, 2013

Green House

This is the Green House, immediately to the west of the Cultch on Venables.  It has all the good bones of a typical Grandview house built in 1910.  For many years it has been owned by the Cultch, and used as a rehearsal space and offices for theatrical groups.

For quite a while now there have been rumours that the Cultch management wanted to redevelop the space, whispers that the heritage community have been nervous about. Now, we have official word that Heather Redfern, executive director of the Cultch — and rapidly becoming the chief gentrifier of our neighbourhood — wants to knock the old building down and replace it with some modern erection.

This wonderful old building is surrounded  by other examples of heritage properties of a similar age.  They are all in fine shape and will last for another hundred years if need be.  The Green House has been let to rack and ruin by the Cultch — and now they want to profit from that profound neglect.  Shame on them.  They have a $1 million in their building fund — they should use whatever they need of that to make sure the historic building is restored to useable shape.

If you read the comments on the Straight article, it will be obvious that local residents and heritage groups will not let this valuable property slide away into oblivion without a major fight!


Another City Screw Up On Consultation

December 16, 2013

At 3pm this afternoon, the Vancouver Development Board will review the application for a massive new resort and casino site in Vancouver.  If it is built, the current Edgewater Casino will move into the building with twice the floor space for slots and gaming tables, a design decision already approved by Vancouver City Council.  Which is odd because the City has declared itself against casino expansion.

The question of whether we want more gaming here, or even if we want this huge resort complex at all, is one issue.  The main issue today however is the complete screw up the City has made (once again) about consultation and public hearings.

Today is the very last chance that Vancouverites will have to express their opinion on the development, but you’d never know it.  Had you called the City’s 3-1-1 line over the past week you might have been told that no such hearing was scheduled or you would have been told it is on for tomorrow rather than today.  Jeff Lee, the veteran Vancouver Sun city affairs reporter, admitted on Twitter this morning that he had not heard there was a hearing today.  We only know about this hearing because Sandy Garossino and CityHallWatch have been advising their networks.

Why the misinformation?  Why the silence?   What were the City’s new 22-person communications team doing all this while?  This is either a deliberate attempt to hide these hearings from the public or utter incompetence.  Either way it is another screw up by the Vision Vancouver City administration.