More on Ukraine

I am watching the massive rally in Kiev today; tens of thousands of people, maybe more.

I enjoyed the Cossack band earlier, but tuned out when John McCain had his say.  I am much more interested in watching Klitchko the boxer as opposition leader.

Right now, a raft of European Union politicos are adding their support and demanding the release of Yulia Timoshenko.  Listening to the Polish –>Ukrainian translation was probably the least enlightening thing for me (though I take full responsibility for that failure.)

Hard to understand how this will work out, with about 100,000 Russian troops already in the country.  There is tough talk from the Euro politicians (freezing bank accounts of the regime members etc), but what could they really do if Yanukovych asks for military or even just internal security assistance from Putin?

Now a DJ is playing tracks for the crowd.  Whatever happened to live music to get the people inspired?

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