Censorship in Vancouver

December 6, 2013

Billionaire Jim Pattison’s Outdoor Billboard company — which is almost a monopoly in the city — has refused to accept the following poster:

atheistThe ad was an attempt to recruit membership in the Centre for Inquiry Canada. “When we designed the ads, we went out of our way to make them as soft as we could. Our purpose is to find those people out there who think the same way we do but don’t know there’s an organization that will support their views. It’s like any other advertising campaign: we’re looking for people who are interested in our message and our product,” said Pat O’Brien.

This is a disgraceful attempt to enforce political/religious views by Pattison’s company.


Product Improvement Fail!

December 6, 2013

As a diabetic, I never use processed white sugar. When I need a bit of sweetening I use packaged chemicals (which no doubt have their own problems, but …)

At home I use Sugar Twin which used to come in a handy sturdy cardboard box.  Now, it is in a “flexible” plastic bag:

sugar twin

The product “improvement” geniuses have moved from a package that is easy to store and stack, easy to open, and easy to use to one that is none of those things.  Moreover they have gone from a package that can be made from recycled paper to one that cannot.  I bet the price went up too.



Yorkies Rule!

December 6, 2013

Last night I made some really good pork chops — delicious.  But the pride of the meal were these Yorkshire puddings made in the special pan the ever-loving got for me!


Click on the image to get a much better view.