Why Does City Hall Want To Make Your Life Worse?

November 26, 2013

Comm_Broadway crowds

If you are one of the thousands of commuters who has to stand in line morning and night waiting for a #99 or #9 bus that isn’t jam packed; or stand precariously on the SkyTrain platform wondering if just one more person might crowd on and push you onto the rails, you might be wondering why City Hall wants to make your life even worse.

And they do.

They, City Hall and Translink, say that before we can get more transit at Commercial & Broadway — you know, enough transit to actually cope with the current crowds — we need to add thousands and thousands more people to the area, to make the situation much worse, to make your trip to work or school even more like hell on earth.  Only then might they think about adding service. Might.

I’m serious. Call City Hall and ask them.

In the meantime, they are plowing ahead with the Evergreen Line which, when it arrives at Broadway, will dump even more thousands of commuters onto the same streets, onto the same buses that we have today. Every morning and every night.

Can you imagine that?

I don’t have a solution right now. But I am pretty sure that forcing even more sardines into the same size tins (and building huge towers to house those same sardines) isn’t it.