Coping With Limited Time

November 24, 2013

Bruce Macdonald and I were invited to give a presentation today at a COPE meeting downtown.  The theme of the meeting was Arts, Culture, and Heritage. We gave a talk on the history of Grandview.

The top picture is of Tim Louis and others at the COPE main table.  Below, Bruce expounds while I look I’m playing a piano.


We had prepared a presentation with Powerpoint for about 30 minutes.  However, when we arrived, we were told we only had 10 minutes.  We did our best, racing through the second half of the slides in a minute of so.  Not sure if we provided much insight or value.

I had included a picture of a very young Harry Rankin in 1952 (when he helped found the Grandview Ratepayers Association).  It was interesting that his appearance still drew applause.

It was fun, even though hardly scholarly!


Britannia Open House

November 24, 2013


open house poster GOOD copy