UnShaw About Email

Like thousands of others in the Lower Mainland, my ISP is Shaw, and I have generally been quite content with the service I get from them.  However, I have had an issue this week that has really made me wonder.

I send a lot of emails and I am used to getting most of them answered pretty quickly. So it was a surprise earlier this week when I seemed to get no replies from anything I had sent for a couple of days.  For a while I put it down to people being busy or being mad at me for something.  However, I happened to speak to one of my correspondents by phone early yesterday afternoon and I mentioned one of the more important emails I had sent him a couple of days before. He checked and found he had not received anything from me.

I checked with a few other people and they said the same thing. So I called Shaw.

At first, the helpful service technician was bemused, not seeing any reason why my emails were not getting through (even though, as I should say, I was still receiving emails normally).  Eventually they discovered that the Shaw system had decided on Monday evening that my email signature (that I have used for quite a while) was spam and had refused to send any of my emails.

They did this without informing me and so for nearly three days I was blithely unaware that nothing I wrote was going anywhere.  And, moreover, the system had destroyed my emails and so they couldn’t just flip a switch and release from a cache somewhere.  Again without telling me.

I was left to scramble about and try to recreate as best I could the important emails I had sent for the last few days.  Annoying and, I think, an intolerable imposition on someone who has been a Shaw client for well over a decade.  Why the hell couldn’t they have let me know what they were doing so that I could have deleted my signature (or whatever was needed)?  I am righteously pissed about this.

One Response to UnShaw About Email

  1. TheLittleWoman says:

    Yes, it’s always a cause for being righteously pissed when someone makes unilateral decisions about the quality of your life without consulting you. Don’tcha think? Takes a HUGE bite out of trust.

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