A Plea For Independents

August 20, 2013

In a conversation with someone yesterday, it was suggested that I had been described by a third party as a COPE supporter.  Obviously that third party doesn’t know me very well and certainly isn’t familiar with my writings.

I am not a COPE supporter. But I am not a COPE supporter in exactly the same way as I am not a Vision supporter or a TEAM or NPA or NSV or Vancouver First or Cedar Party supporter.

I believe that political parties should be banned from municipal politics, that City Council should be made up entirely of ward-based independents.  These independents will support and represent their constituents rather than any party.  They will make up their own minds on issues as they arise rather than blindly follow some manifesto or ideology. Issues-based ad hoc coalitions will drive Council decisions.

I believe in the people and not in parties. Independent ward-based Councilors, elected without corporate or union or other third party financing, will bring the common sense of the people to the Council table.  And the dangerous politicization of the City bureaucracy will cease.

So, if anyone else is asking, that’s where my support lies.