Lack of Vision in Point Grey

August 19, 2013

I didn’t write about the bike lane debacle on Point Grey Road while it was happening; I am neither a driver nor a cyclist, and I don’t ever visit Point Grey, so it seemed best to keep silent.  However, the letter to the Courier in last Friday’s paper entitled “Cyclist Disapproves…” is so perfect that I have to bring it to everyone’s attention.

The letter is written by Gerard Charlton, an avid cyclist who uses Point Grey Road frequently:

Mayor Gregor Robertson and his merry band of councillors, most of whom are indebted to Joel Soloman and his Renewal Partners and their ideas for using our city as some sort of petri dish for their vision of urban nirvana, are doing nothing but creating conflict between the cycling community (of which I am a member) and the driving community. Why is it that just about every new idea they come up with is highly protested against, yet still continues to pass in council? I believe Vision in its entirety is hearing challenged! There is nothing “green” about spending tax dollars on senseless ideologies, but that is exactly what Vision stands for. If an idea has merit, then bring it on; but, most of what Vision continues to ‘spin’ is nothing more than Renewal Corp. slowly destroying Vancouver -one bike lane, one outrageously developer friendly mega -development at a time …

We also used to have what was considered a world class city, and does anyone find it somewhat coincidental that our rankings have been in steady decline ever since these councillors took office?

Brilliantly true, and well said!

The Fight Goes On!

August 19, 2013

There was some marvelously public outrage this weekend over the City’s plans for rezoning in Marpole.  They have many of the same issues over process and lack of consultation as we have been fighting here in Grandview-Woodland.  It was great to have the Marpole folks at our GWAC meeting last week, and to see them in action this weekend is inspiring.


Stop Marpole Rezoning


On a different plane, my letter regarding Bob Ransford’s pro-development ideas finally made it into the Vancouver Sun today (8th letter), and Jonathan Baker has responded with much greater intellectual vigour than I did against last week’s pro-tower screed by Michael Goldberg.

Let’s hope the City recognizes that these protests are not going away!