Municipal Political Financing: A Question of Choice

Are you as tired as I am of listening to certain municipal politicians bemoan the current system where corporations pour millions of dollars into the coffers of their parties — and yet do absolutely nothing about it?  “Methinks the lady doth protest too much,” as that bald guy once wrote.

None of the municipal parties are obliged to accept the millions of dollars thrown at them by developers and others.  None of the municipal parties have to put themselves into the appearance of potential conflict of interest situations.

No. They choose to.

No doubt Vision Vancouver — though publicly bemoaning the current situation — would say they can’t take the lead on this because they couldn’t possibly compete in the next election against a corporate-funded NPA.  That is BS on so many levels:

a) Have you looked at the NPA lately?

b) It says that the electorate are so stupid that they will be swayed by advertizing rather than good policies.

c) It says their own supporters don’t have enough faith in them to donate what they need.

And so they accept millions of dollars from the same developers they will be doing business with and ruling on during their term. I’m not saying this is actually corrupt; but it sure looks like it could be.

This is a choice they have made.  A sad, lazy choice.  And it is Vancouverites who eventually pay the price, in bad governance and expensive unwanted condo towers.  Which makes their wailing and gnashing of teeth all the more distasteful.


One Response to Municipal Political Financing: A Question of Choice

  1. Mike Andruff says:

    I like the $1,200 personal limit the federal government imposes. No corporations and no unions funding is necessary – hey corporations can’t vote! Let’s ask civic parties to self impose these requirements. The provincial government, responsible for civic electoral reform is asleep at the switch.

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