Effective Coalitions Are Made Not Born

GWAC doesn’t usually hold meetings in August — and especially not in an August as hot as the one we have experienced this year — but we wanted to keep up the pressure over Community Plans and decided to go ahead last night.  It was a tremendous success!

About 120 people turned out to hear stories and share information from Community Plan neighbourhoods as diverse as the Downtown Eastside, the West End, Marpole, Mount Pleasant and, of course, Grandview-Woodlands.  In the audience were folks from Strathcona, Oakridge, Norquay, Hastings Sunrise, Kitsilano and elsewhere across the City — all  of whom have suffered under the hands of the current Vancouver City Planning process.  This was, if you like, a preliminary gathering of the clans, a meeting of minds, a collection of hard-won experience.

As I said in my introductory remarks last night, GWAC is proud to host this broadly multi-neighbourhood  meeting, the first of its kind for many, many years. From it will grow, I am now certain, a coalition of neighbourhoods that over the next few months will work together to build a better model of how communities and the City can work together; a model that will improve Vancouver overall, will improve the neighbourhoods and the lives of all of our residents, and to make us a city that we can be truly proud of.

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