Vancouver Dyke March

August 3, 2013

Today was one of my favourite days of the year — the Dykes on the Drive Parade, although I notice this year it is called the Vancouver Dyke March.

Vancouver Dyke March 2013

The March seemed almost double the size of last year’s edition, and this year they had a Grand Marshall for the first time — Ellen Woodworth on the pillion of a Harley Davidson.  Also, for the first time, I think, the buses were diverted away from the Drive for the event.

A great success!

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Celebrating Commercial Drive

August 3, 2013

Justin McElroy has a very good piece in the Province today about the relationship of history to the current Community Plan as it relates to Commercial Drive.

“The people who live and work here created this self-reliant and self-­sustained community in every respect,”

I very much enjoyed my interview with the reporter last week and I am pleased that the article came out so well.