Translink Follows Ferries To Disaster

July 30, 2013

It seems that Translink is following the BC Ferries model of lowering service while increasing fares. It sure hasn’t worked on the ferry system, and I don’t see it working for buses and trains, either.

By the way, did you know that when Compass kicks in, a cash-paid bus fare will NOT allow you transfer to SkyTrain? What’s with that?

Time to make Translink responsive to people’s needs. Time to get Translink under political control once again.

Talking Shop

July 30, 2013

Last night was the first of two Community Plan Open Houses this week. I have written about yesterday’s event at

I really enjoyed myself because it was a chance to meet a lot of people I hadn’t had a chance to talk to at our meeting on 8th July, and a number of others with whom I have been corresponding via the email lists and the petition — putting faces to names.  Fascinating and heartwarming to watch a whole bunch of “ordinary folks” get worked up over an issue and willing to fight back against City Hall.

Also fascinating to listen to so many former Vision Vancouver supporters talk of their deep disappointment with the party. Even though an alternative seems far off right now, this mood (which seems to be the same across many of the City’s neighbourhoods) should be of real concern to the VV honchos planning their re-election strategy next year.

We’ll do it all again on Wednesday.