Just Another Day In the ‘Hood

July 29, 2013

Started the day sharing coffee and a pleasant chat with a friend at Adeline’s. We chatted amiably about politics and Pride, and happily failed to identify the tree that the owner was interested in (it drops small seed pods and he hoped they weren’t poisonous).

It seemed to be a little cooler today (at least that early in the morning) and, when we were done with chatting, I wandered up to the bank, enjoying the stroll very much. I managed to resist the temptation to have an iced capp, though it was a genuine struggle!

This afternoon, I’ve been getting ready for the Open House on proposals for development at Commercial & Broadway tonight:  made and printed a flyer to hand out advertising GWAC’s next meeting, the online petition  (which continues to collect numerous signatures), and the new blog.

Pretty soon I’ll have to go to the Open House and be a publicly political animal once again. But right now, I’m happy to eat a cheese sandwich, drink tea, and read David Harvey’s “Rebel Cities“.

Not a bad day at all.