Feeling Not Very Special

Here we are on a summer Saturday and Vancouver City Council is spending yet another day talking about a bike lane and road closure on millionaires’ row — on a Saturday, for goodness sake!  I don’t know how many hours this is now, but we must be close to a full day.

This is the same Council that couldn’t spend an hour or two listening to ordinary residents of Grandview-Woodland who had taken expensive time off work to talk to them about the future of our entire neighbourhood.  No, we have to wait until the end of September when, again, people are back at work and have to spend real money if they want to contribute to the discussion.

I cannot remember the last time Council had a public hearing on a Saturday.  And I can’t remember when an ordinary Council Motion was delayed for 9 weeks.  Would it be too cynical to believe that this schedule is because many of Vision Vancouver’s biggest supporters live on or near Point Grey Road, while those of out here on the east side are, well, just east siders?


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