A New Addiction

July 26, 2013

Iced CappJust the other day, when it was really hot and I’d been walking on the Drive for just a bit too long, I found myself in Timmy’s.  Not knowing what to order that would satisfy my thirst, me not being a great drinker of coffee, my eye fell on the Iced Capp and I ordered one.

It was perfection, sheer perfection!  I sat there and sucked the straw until the whole thing was gone. Every mouthful rolling over my tongue was exquisite.  I’ve talked of little else since.

Today, the ever-loving and I set out specifically to grab a couple of Iced Capps during the middle of our shopping chores, only to find that their Iced Capp machine was busted!  Horror of horrors! I felt myself go into instant withdrawal and nothing else would do.  We rushed home and emptied the freezer of all the ice cream we had.  It wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t a Timmy’s Iced Capp.

Now, I’m sitting here waiting for my next fix.