Do We Have The Mayor On Side?

July 22, 2013

In today’s Vancouver Sun, Mayor Gregor Robertson wrote an op-ed piece about building community plans.  The key paragraph is this one:

So let’s build on what’s working and take more time where it’s needed. We need to get these plans right. Marpole, and Grandview Woodlands in particular — given the complexity of the future of Commercial and Broadway — have a compelling case to take more time to build a shared vision for their neighbourhoods.

It is marvelous that he recognizes we need more time, and this makes me more hopeful for the fate of Adriane Carr’s Motion tomorrow.  However, he continues to suggest that if they “fix” the Commercial & Broadway proposal then that will solve the problem the Community Plan has in Grandview.

Clearly he has not read — or choses to ignore — the one thousand plus emails local residents have sent City Council this month that make it clear we are dissatisfied with most aspects of the proposals throughout the neighbourhood.  Commercial & Broadway is important — but it is not Grandview.