Our Cup Runneth Over

July 18, 2013

I had a marvelous lunch at Fet’s today — great food, excellent service, fine company, friendly owners, and a wonderful view of the “new” cup in Grandview Park.


For a year or more now, the BIA’s big blue cup in Grandview Park has been a magnet for garbage and rainwater, and many of us were scared that a small child might one day be drowned in either or both.  Now, thanks to the efforts of their new Exec Director, the BIA has painted it their signature black and filled it with a pleasing array of plants. It is a great improvement!

The other pleasure of the day was telling my lunch partner, a young gay man who has just moved into the West End all about when I lived on Davie Street in the early 80s and was often the only straight guy having breakfast at Doll & Penny’s.  Great memories and great fun!