Changes On the Drive #23

July 2, 2013

I walked the Drive yesterday in weather that was so oppressively humid that I could feel all the energy being sucked out of my feet by the sidewalk.  How long to go until Fall?

There isn’t much change to report this month, which is perhaps why the vacancies seemed to stand out, and especially on the southern half of the Drive:  2120 (ex-Small World), 2055 (Action Framing), 1949 (Frank’s Hairdressing), and 1840 are all vacant.  North of First, most of the interior of Il Mercato still stands empty, along with 1344 (La Patrona), 1268 (the pizza joint), and 1181 (Spark Shoes).

That’s kind of depressing.

Carthage int1204 Commercial is also still closed at this time, but we know that a Puff branch will open here any day now. It was good to see them out on the street during CarFree Day.

Carthage Cafe (pictured right) at 1851 is for sale, though, if you have $235,000 to spare. (Thanks to David for the shout out).

The old Ewaz clothing store at 1044 Commercial has reopened as an ethically-sourced clothing store which may or not be called Rabbit and Company.

1044 Commercial

I also note the new “The Drive” signs on all the street corners, with the Italian flag. Seems a bit exclusive (ignoring the sixty years of Anglo dominance, and the last 25 years of multiculturalism in favour of a narrow window of ethnic singularity) but perhaps that’s just me.

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