Sunny Day, Talking Day

I spent nearly all of Sunday on the Drive for Car Free Day, manning the tables for both GWAC and the Grandview Heritage Group. Managed to speak to a wide array of new and old friends about heritage, about the Community Plan, about the neighbourhood in general.  This is always so valuable, to meet so many people at one time.

Car Free Day arranged by volunteers always seems a much friendlier, less commercially-oriented event than the business-driven Italian Day.  However, it didn’t seem quite as busy as past years, and the crowds definitely seemed thicker last weekend (Italian Day) than this.

There also didn’t seem to be the level of fancy dress and stiltwalkers and other street cabaret that we have been accustomed to, but there is always, of course, the wonderful Carnival Band.

Carnival Band

All in all a great event, perhaps just a bit more subdued than I had expected from past experience.  The hot sunny day helped too (except for those of us who forgot their hats!)

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