Changes on the Drive #22

June 1, 2013

A pleasantly warm day for a walk this morning, with the umbrella in the bag, just in case.  The Megaphone seller outside VanCity was performing a loud cabaret-style spiel, that could be heard from half a block away.

Nothing new or exciting is happening between, say, 4th Avenue south to the cut, while the Far East Building remains under wraps. I assume that Timbre is still for sale.

The number of vacant stores seems to have stayed about the same as last month. 1840 is still vacant, the coat of new bright green paint not helping to pull in a lease. The former Fresh Slice Pizza place at 1268, is also still empty, as is 1181 where Spank Shoes used to be. The south side of the Il Mercato mall is still empty, but it does at least look as if someone is putting some work into the area. 1044, where Ewaz used to operate, is also still vacant, but there is a sign on the window which might be a new business:

rabbit poster

The last empty store to talk about is 1204, where Ten Thousand Villages used to be.  There is no obvious work going on at the moment but street rumour has it this will be a head shop. This will not be well received by most businesses or residents in the area.

Sadly we have to add La Patrona at 1344 to the casualties. They didn’t last more than a few months. Nice people too, with ambitions.  Frank’s Barbers at 1949 looks like it might be closed; but whether for good or for refurbishment, I couldn’t tell. And then of course there is the Little Nest fracas over a highly inflated rent increase. Who is pushing the rent so high — is it the long-time owners of the building or Harry Grunsky who manages it?

I heard a rumour (from a usually reliable source) that Take Thai Home has changed ownership, but I don’t know for sure.

Take Thai Home


What is for sure is that the hairdresser at 1035 has changed it name, at least.

high fidelity

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June 1, 2013

“It is better to be a young June-bug than an old bird of paradise”

– Mark Twain