A Brief Hiatus

May 22, 2013

There I was, blogging madly day after day and suddenly I stopped!  Well, I have been working hard on an important historical project that hasn’t gone public yet.  While the ever-loving is visiting family, I took advantage of the batch lifestyle to spend countless hours day and night pounding material into this project.  I have come up for air now, and it is still raining!

I did take time out to be at the latest Grandview Heritage Group meeting which was fun and highly informative.  In particular, Michael Kluckner gave a long presentation on the evolution of house styles in Vancouver that was absolutely fascinating.  We are working on ways to make that kind of material more readily accessible (see project mentioned above).

I’ve also been busy with GWAC activities, pushing forward the work of the new action-oriented committees we have put in place, and talking to the press about arson in the district.  I spent last evening at the first meeting of our Planning Committee and it was remarkably energizing to be in a room with folks who are keen to get things done and support the community.  I also spent some time last week meeting senior City staff along with members of the Strathcona Residents and the RayCam Centre group.  That, too, was usefully productive in helping the neighbourhoods work together as a group toward common aims.  I will have a lot more to say on that when the time comes.

Busy, busy times — thank God I am retired!