Regional Context Statement Open House

I attended the so-called Open House on the Regional Context Statement (RCS) at City Hall yesterday afternoon.  It was as disappointing as any other “public engagement” exercise that the Robertson regime has undertaken.  The RCS is a document of vital importance to the future of Vancouver — it will govern all planning decisions for the next thirty years or so — and it is being pushed through without any serious public discussion.

The Open House consisted of a dozen or so display boards showing information that has been available for a while, staffed by junior officials who were not in any position to debate points of interest.  It was, quite frankly, a complete waste of time, but this is what passes for public engagement under this Vision Vancouver Council.

Also of note, there has been virtually no media coverage of the RCS which, considering its importance, is mighty strange.  A few bloggers, like me, have mentioned it, but you’d be hard-pressed to find any discussion of it elsewhere.  What’s with that?  Is it too complicated for mere reporters to handle?  The lack of such coverage is as disturbing and disappointing as Vision’s arrogance in pushing through so much change without a mandate.

6 Responses to Regional Context Statement Open House

  1. Anonymous says:

    Why not forward your comment to the press and ask them why they haven’t opened up a discussion? Likely will say the election has kept them busy, but…..

  2. The more people there, the more who might have realized that what everywhere else in the world is referred to as an Official COMMUNITY Plan (OCP) is here in Vancouver “translated” (read perverted) into an Official DEVELOPMENT Plan.

    And we wonder why there is less and less community in Vancouver. It’s intentional; it gets in the way of development…until people stop coming.

    And they are in fact leaving in droves.

    Buckle up, the roller coaster ride is just about to get interesting: . Heed the notice at the end this linked video; people are going to get hurt.

    We all know who set us up for the fall. Remember this in 2014.

  3. Bill Lee says:

    Elizabeth Murphy did her best in this Saturday (25 May 2013) Vancouver Sun, full page.

  4. jakking says:

    Yes she did good.

  5. Bill Lee says:

    Web site:

    Vancouver’s development plan lacks public input
    Opinion: If you haven’t heard about it, you’re not alone
    By Elizabeth Murphy, Special to The Vancouver Sun May 24, 2013
    [ About 1100 words ]

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