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May 15, 2013

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BC’s Record of Wackiness Kept Intact

May 15, 2013

So the Liberals won, eh, confounding all the pundits, the commentators and, most of all, the pollsters.    Our record of goofy politics remains unmatched.  With the polls saying they would lose by 8-9%, the Liberals didn’t just survive by the skin of their teeth, they actually increased their number of seats and the percentage of the popular vote.

What is truly disappointing, though, is the reaction of the NDP supporters who inhabit Twitter.  First, unlike their leader, they did not run a “positive” campaign.  Many of their tweets were as low as anything the fundie right in the States could dream up.  Now, many of them are blaming the pollsters for their loss because they provided the party with a sense of over-confidence.  Worse, a number of them are blaming the people of British Columbia, calling them stupid and complaining about the 48% turnout.

Anything but blame themselves and their party, I guess.

Two weeks ago I remarked that this was an election that suffered from a double problem:  most BCers really did not want to vote for either party.  Neither party provided the kind of bold and exciting policy challenges that might have brought the people to the polls; neither party provided any excitement at all.  That’s why the turnout was so low.