Hot Time In the City

May 5, 2013

I was out for a couple of hours this afternoon, canvassing the neighbourhood for approvals for our proposed street party on June 23rd.  And boy, was it hot!  This is just the first week of May, for goodness sakes.  OK, no more complaining.  But damn it was hot out there!

Sunday Breakfast

May 5, 2013

Sunday mornings in the early summer are a perfect time to laze around watching European sports and enjoying huge breakfasts.  However, some of these breakfasts take some advance planning.

The other night I cooked pork tenderloin and quite deliberately chose mashed potatoes and brussels sprouts as the sides, cooking more than I needed.  That way, this Sunday morning, I had the makings of a superb bubble-and-squeak on hand.  Served with bacon, egg, fried tomatoes, toast and fruit, this is a meal that will keep us contentedly full until dinner tonight.


Time for a nap maybe.