R.I.P. Lily

This morning, quite suddenly, our 13-year old cat, Lily, just upped and died.   She seemed normal enough when I got up this morning but, while lying quietly at my feet as I worked at the computer, she let out a fearful yelp and died within a minute.

Lily 1 copy

She was the most gorgeous pure-white Maine coon cat, and she will be greatly missed.

5 Responses to R.I.P. Lily

  1. Harondel J. Sibble says:

    My condolences Jak.

  2. Sorry for your loss. Maine coons are beautiful cats.

  3. Sincerest condolences. Such a loss anytime, but when so unexpected even more so. Do you know the poem Rainbow Bridge? Did bring me some comfort.

  4. jakking says:

    Many thanks for your kind messages. She was a grand cat.

  5. Sea Dean says:

    So sorry about your puss. It’s a sad time but I bet she had a great life.

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