Clockwork Universe — A Fabulous Opening!

Last night the Drive was treated to perhaps the most interesting and well-attended art opening for many years.  This was the steampunk extravaganza called Clockwork Universe curated by Famous Empty Sky at the Havana Gallery and Theatre.

The intimate little space was jam-packed with people, well over a hundred, many of whom wore fabulous costumes in honour of the theme.

show1 copy

show2 copy

show3 copy

show4 copy

There was a spectacular set of theatrical performances, there was wine, there was excellent conversation.  And the artwork was wonderful, too!

show5 copy

These examples include puppet figures by Diane Wood (with part of Harry Grunsky’s gallery-wide frieze above), “Normal Waking Consciousness Is Entirely Different” by Famous Empty Sky, and “Visionary” by Solange Belleforte.   There are many more fine works on the walls and they will be showing until May 7th.

A perfect Drive event.  Brava!

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