Dim Sum Special

Friday mornings are a very fine time to eat dim sum.  To be honest, any morning is a good time but somehow Fridays seem especially good; the weekend crowds aren’t there so the service is even more attentive than usual and, of course, there is no waiting.  As for the quality of the food, Western Lake is superb any day and any time.

dim sum 1

As usual, I was just too hungry to take a picture before we started in on the feast.  Here we have already had some of the sui mai and the squid with salt and garlic.  What can I say?  It was just too good.

4 Responses to Dim Sum Special

  1. Harondel J. Sibble says:

    Jack, do they have much if anything in the way of vegetarian dimsun, ie could a lacto-ovo vegetarian leave their happy and satiated?

  2. jakking says:

    To be honest, I have never looked at the menu with that kind of POV. However, they have a wide selection and I suspect that a vegetarian could do very well there. For example, the dish at the bottom right of the photograph is rice noodles stuffed with three kinds of mushrooms. Excellent. They have a number of Chinese vegetables (gai-lan, for example, and eggplant), and their chive dumplings are superb. I think you’d be OK.

  3. Harondel J. Sibble says:

    Understood, we’ll sounds like I’ll have to arrange a posse and go check it out soon. Can I assume that weekends particularly saturdays are a bad time to go from point of view of being really busy?

  4. jakking says:

    Unless you are willing to wait, often quite a while, it is best to avoid 11-1 almost any day, though weekends are busier than weekdays.

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