Earth Day On the Drive

April 20, 2013

It was a beautiful, if somewhat windy, day to celebrate Earth Day on Commercial Drive.

I missed the parade (due to an urgent need to go to Skylight for breakfast), but I strolled over to the Park (having no choice other than to walk up the hill as the buses — with ecological solidarity, I guess — were diverted from the Drive).



There was a goodly crowd when I was there even though it was just getting started after the parade. I wonder how many Earth Day afficionados were downtown at the 420 which was on at the same time.


earth crowd


The Park also hosted a number of booths and stands with all the folks you would expect to be there.  I am glad we can offer them such a fine location in our neighbourhood.

I was interested to see that while the Daily Catch food truck was there, in its usual weekend spot by the Park, they were not open and serving at noon.  Seemed odd to me given the number of people milling around. Perhaps it was the wrong kind of crowd for an expensive paper plate of fish and chips, no matter how sustainable.