Fets 3.0

If you are a fan of Fets Bar & Grill, with one of the best-placed patios across from Grandview Park on the Drive, and have grown fond of Paul Archer’s musical murals that decorate the interior, you should be advised that things are about to change.

At the end of this month, Fet’s will close briefly for a complete refurbishment: new interior, new storefront, new signage and perhaps even a slightly new name.  They will, as owner Eric Fergie says, be growing up a bit.

Long-time readers will know that I have been a regular at Fet’s since they moved to their present location last century, and I am sure I’ll miss the Stones, the Beatles, and the wall of great-musicians-no-longer-with-us looking down on me as I eat. But the Fergies are consumate hosts and I’m certain that the new Fet’s will be at least as good and probably even better than the present.

I look forward to seeing it at the beginning of May.

[Here is a look back at Fet’s 1.0]


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