The Satisfactions of Basic Research

April 4, 2013

These days I am ploughing through newspapers in preparation for writing volume 2 of “The Drive“.  This is the grunt work of research, getting the basic narrative spine established.  It is absolutely essential, but rarely exciting — and I have several months more of it to come. Still, there are the occasional surprises and pleasures.

A couple of weeks ago, for example, I found a 40 year old newspaper article, along with a picture, about someone I know, and she was so pleased to see it.  That’s always fun.  Yesterday, I found a map of the ancient streams and creeks that used to run through the neighbourhood. It was prepared in 1978 and may well show information not available from any other source.  That’s exciting.

If I find one of these types of things ever other day or so, it helps make the basic gruel a little more satisfying!