Georgia Straight’s Golden Plate Awards

The Georgia Straight have announced the winners of their Golden Plates Award for 2013 in 158 categories!  Although many of my personal favourites were missed out once again, the Drive scored quite a few hits.

Those who came first in their category were:

  • Memphis Blues — best BBQ
  • Fratelli’s — best bakery for pastries
  • Vera’s — best burger
  • BierCraft — best imported beer selection
  • JJ Bean — best local coffeehouse chain
  • Reef — best Caribbean restaurant

Second in their category were:

  • La Grotta — best deli
  • Harambe — best African restaurant
  • St. Augustines — best BC beer selection
  • Portuguese Club of Vancouver — best Portuguese restaurant

Third in their category were:

  • La Grotta — best sandwiches
  • Libra Room — best restaurant with live entertainment
  • Santa Barbara — best deli
  • Uprising — best bread bakery
  • La Grotta — best cheese selection
  • Vera’s — best burger
  • St. Augustine’s — best pub
  • Belgian Fries — best poutine
  • Liberty Wines — best private wine store
  • Palki — best Indian restaurant

Congratulations in particular to La Grotta for scoring in three categories!  And hoorahs all round for everyone mentioned!

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