Best Of the City — On The Drive

February 28, 2013

It’s that time of year again:  WestEnder’s Best of the City 2013 has been published, and the Drive did pretty well once again.

  • The Reef Restaurant (Food: Caribbean/West Indian), Memphis Blues (Food: BBQ), Donalds (Independent Grocer), Liberty Wines (Wine merchants), Home Hardware (Hardware stores), and Van City (Financial Insitutions) all won their categories.
  • JJ Bean (Coffee chain) and Daily Catch (Fishmongers) came second.
  • Havana (Food: Caribbean/West Indian), St. Augustines (Pub), Uprising (Bakery), La Grotta (Cheese) and Mintage (Vintage Clothing) placed third.

Congratulations to them all!

First & Commercial

February 28, 2013

If you’ve only known the Drive for the last, say, 25 years, you could be tempted to believe that the Il Mercarto Mall on the northwest corner of First and Commercial has been there for ever.  Not so.

That site has a long and sometimes troubled history, some of which I have described at the Grandview Heritage Group blog.